I've been keeping an eye on the Southside of Oneonta and have noticed significant progress on Moe's Southwestern Grill where the Neptune Diner used to be.  Then, it seems that behind Wendy's, ground breaking has begun to construct a Buffalo Wild Wings.  Plus there are two other restaurants on the way: Bombers Burritos is coming to Downtown and a Japanese restaurant will open in the former Sabatini's location on Southside.

Is it me or does it seem like Oneonta has become the "City of the Restaurants"?  If you love food, then you're in the right place in this town.  Oneonta now runs the gamut when it comes to cuisine choices with American, Italian, Greek, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Mexican, etc.  There's almost nothing we don't have at this point.  I think it's great because no matter kind of food I'm in the mood for, I can rest assured that there is an eatery here in Oneonta to help me out with my craving.

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