Following three former Oneonta City Managers, the City of Oneonta is discussing a new idea - hiring a city administrator as opposed to a manager. That was the discussion at Tuesday evening's Common Council meeting. Because nothing was resolved, according to AllOTSEGO, Mayor Gary Herzig has announced that there will be a special meeting held on Monday, Oct. 12, to decide what to do about the position.

The difference between a city manager and a city administrator is that with a city manager, all City Hall department heads report to that person who makes the decisions. Essentially, a manager is the leader who develops programs and directs staff. A city administrator is different since that person is not making decisions but rather is in charge of implementing actions from decisions made by the mayor and the Common Council.

Also being discussed by the council is the appointment of an interim city manager to fill that position which has been vacant since February 7, following the retirement of George Korthauer.

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