Last Friday, New York State Police at Oneonta reported a series of vehicle break-ins had been reported in the City of Oneonta. That investigation continues to find the person or persons responsible for the larcenies. So far, one arrest has been made. According to state police, yesterday Eric M. Meade, age 26 and homeless has been charged with Petit Larceny, Criminal Possession of Stolen Property in the fifth degree and Criminal Trespass in the third degree.

Leading to the arrest, Meade was caught in the act of a theft on South Side Drive in the town of Oneonta just after 1:30 a.m. on Sunday. After Meade left the property of the homeowner who called in the break-in, Troopers spotted him and found him to be in possession of stolen coins taken from various unlocked cars on that road, along with items from a vehicle on Glen Drive. After Meade was arrested, processed and then given a court appearance date, the following night he was once again arrested for the attempting to steal items from vehicles on East Street. His attempts were unsuccessful since all vehicle doors he tried to open were locked.

This is yet another reminder by police to remember to always lock your dwelling doors and windows and vehicle doors to thwart this type of crime and don't leave money or any valuables in your car. If you spot suspicious activity, call 911.

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