Forget Derek Jeter or Mike Trout -- here's a baseball star we should all admire.

Dawson Batts, 12, is a star player on his youth baseball team. And, oh yeah, he only has one arm, making him another in a line of unlikely baseball heroes.

Batts, who hails from North Carolina and  has the perfect name for a baseball player, recently showed off his talents at a tournament in New York.

Batts was born without a right arm, but has not let it hold him back, even managing to pitch. His mother says he's used to the attention he inevitably receives, noting, "He adapts well. As long as he wants to play, we'll do it."

This is merely the beginning for Batts, who hopes to play for the Boston Red Sox and follow in the footsteps of former one-handed major leaguer Jim Abbott.

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