What happened on this day in rock and roll history? Look here to find out!

On this day in 1972, Creedence Clearwater Revival disbanded after their most recent album, "Mardi Gras," proved to be a flop. John Forgarty had two big hits in 1985, "Center Field" and "Rock and Roll Girls," after not having much success as a solo artist. The remaining members of the band have continued touring under the name Creedence Clearwater Revisited.

credit: get_importcds, eBay
credit: get_importcds, eBay

In 1986, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, and Robert Cray performed with other artists in St. Louis for Chuck Berry's 60th birthday concert, featured in the film "Hail Hail! Rock & Roll."

In 2001, Two security guards were fired because they wouldn't let Bob Dylan into his own concert. Dylan, who was calling for even tighter security for his "Love and Theft" tour, didn't have a pass when he tried to get backstage.

In 2010, Justin Havird, an Auburn University graduate student, named a new species of fish after Led Zeppelin. The fish is now called Lepidocephalichthys zeppelini because the way its pectoral fin looked reminded him of Jimmy Page's double-necked guitar.

And in 2013, the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame revealed the list of nominees for the next year's induction. Among those nominated were the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Deep Purple, Hall And Oates, KISS, Linda Ronstadt, and Yes. 

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