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On this day in 1960, Ringo Starr filled in for Pete Best when The Beatles played on a recording session for Rory Storm And The Hurricanes' guitarist Wally Eymond in the Akustik studio in Hamburg, Germany. Nine copies of the song "Summertime" were pressed onto 78 RPM records, although none of them are reported to still exist. This was almost two years before Ringo became the fourth Beatle.

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In 1965, Jimi Hendrix signed his first recording contract, receiving $1 as a signing bonus and agreeing to a 1% royalty on all recordings.

In 1966, Pink Floyd (who were paid £15 for the gig) performed at the London Roundhouse in celebration of the launch of the International Times. Other acts included The Move, Denny Laine, Soft Machine, Yoko Ono, and a West Indian steel band. The Times was the first and longest running British hippie paper. It cost ten shillings (the equivalent of 50 pence) to get into the event. 

In 1983 on this day, Genesis' self titled album became their third number one album in a row in the U.K. "Mama," one of the singles from the record, was the band's biggest commercial UK success, reaching #4 on the charts. It was far less popular in the U.S., coming in at #73.

In 1995, Paul and Linda McCartney lent their voices to The Simpsons in an episode called "Lisa the Vegetarian." They agreed to come on under one condition--that Lisa's vegetarianism would become a permanent character change.

In 1996, Tommy Lee, drummer for Motley Crue, was charged with assault after he attacked a cameraman for trying to take pictures of him and his wife outside a club in Los Angeles. Lee was sentenced to 4 months in prison after pleading no contest to the crime. 

And in 2014, U2 frontman Bono apologized after iTunes users complained that the band's latest album, "Innocence," was automatically added to their music libraries without their permission and seemingly without the ability to delete it. Bono called the stunt "drop of megalomania, a touch of generosity."

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