We've all had an opportunity to enjoy outdoor dining more than ever before and it all points back to COVID-19. It's just safer to dine outdoors when it comes to transmitting the virus but in my opinion, more enjoyable, at least when it's not excessively hot. I always prefer to dine outdoors when the weather is agreeable.

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Previous, pre-COVID New York State rules restricted restaurants from putting tables out on sidewalks and in the street for dining. Then the pandemic came along and Governor Cuomo changed all that by signing an executive order allowing restaurants the ability to use municipal spaces like sidewalks and streets to place tables for outdoor dining.

That executive order has been extended for at least another year until June of 2022.  The June 2020 executive order permitted the use of outdoor restaurant tables subject to reasonable limitations and procedures set by the State Liquor Authority and the safety and supervision plans of the local municipality. With the expiration of those orders last month a law was passed to continue the use according to Governor Cuomo's Office. Wouldn't it be nice if they just extended that order indefinitely?

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