A Person in Otsego County has been impersonating a police officer and pulling people over for different reasons. According to New York State Police at Oneonta, there have been two reports of a person who identifies themself as a State Trooper.

On one occasion in late March, the police officer impersonator pulled someone over and asked the purpose of the driver's travel and before allowing them to proceed, recorded their registration information and warned the individual that they would be fined for violating the “travel ban” if they were caught on the road again.

In a different incident, the impersonator was described as wearing a light grey, long-sleeved button down shirt. Police believe that the same person is involved in both incidents.

If you have had something similar happen or have any information, please contact New York State Police in Oneonta at 607-432-4844 (daytime) or 607-432-3211 (24 hour).

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