If you are looking forward to getting back to the workplace and a semblance of the life we all once lived, then it looks like it's right around the corner. Yesterday, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that regulations for NY on PAUSE are set to expire statewide on May 15th and regions that are deemed low risk for COVID-19 spreading quickly may begin the process of re-opening businesses and industry at that time, providing those entities have taken the necessary precautions to prevent COVID-19 cases to rise again.

Cuomo states, "Antibody and diagnostic testing will be a key component of our phased re-opening because it tells us the people who were infected and have now resolved, as well as the overall infection rate across the state."

Cuomo also released the results of phase two of the state's antibody testing survey.  It revealed that 14.9 percent of the population have COVID-19 antibodies. Cuomo has plans to expand antibody testing to assist in determining the spread of infections among frontline workers and first responders.

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