Back in 2017, Casey J. Callahan, 52, formerly of Unadilla, had been found guilty of the January 2000 pre-meditated murder of his wife Elizabeth Welsh by an Otsego County Court jury and sentenced to 25-to-life by Judge John F. Lambert. According to AllOTSEGO, Casey ran her over with his 18 wheeler at a truck stop in Pennsylvania, although Callahan maintained that her death was an accident.

Now, three years later, that conviction has been overturned by a New York State Appellate court, an announcement that was made on Friday. This decision states, “Because the evidence of the defendant’s guilt was not overwhelming, there must be a new trial,” the decision read.

Callahan is challenging the testimony made by Elizabeth Welsh's niece, Amanda Travis who claimed that she saw him verbally and emotionally abuse her aunt, as well as witnessing him kicking his wife in the stomach. It was decided that part of Travis' testimony has been considered "hearsay" and deprives the defendant of a fair trial.

District Attorney John Muehl has not yet decided whether he will seek a new trial and is still looking at options.

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