A new statewide survey by the Siena College Research Institute finds 59 percent of New Yorkers are somewhat or very excited about the upcoming holiday season.

That’s down from 71 percent last year.

68-percent say the holidays will be different this year, but they cannot be ruined by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Over a quarter of New Yorkers are coming into the holiday season saying that no matter how hard they try, the pandemic will take the joy out of the holidays,” according to SCRI Director, Don Levy. “But over two-thirds just won’t let the virus be the Grinch that steals the season this year.

Meanwhile, 49 percent of New Yorkers surveyed plan to spend under $500 on holiday gifts, unchanged from last year,

14 percent will attend holiday parties, while 19 percent plan to host holiday gatherings.

64 percent say that they're comfortable attending a small holiday party in a home that includes no more than 10 people.


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