Back in May I reported about a guy, right here in New York, that has been living in a house for 23 years and yet he has only made 1 mortgage payment and he is still there! The New York Post reports that Guramrit Hanspal, 52, has managed to stay in the 2,000sq foot, 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath house on Long Island FREE since 1998. Now it looks like his free ride might be coming to an end.

For nearly a quarter century Hanspal has used legal loopholes and pandemic policies to remain in the home. On Tuesday, Nassau County Housing Court Judge William Hohauser ruled against Hanspal, stating that the occupant does not qualify for pandemic housing protections because he’s been staying in the home illegally.

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As this matter continued winding its serpentine meandering way through the state and federal court systems, The protections of the COVID declaration would inhere to tenants, but not to those who have no financial obligation, including people who illegally stay in a home despite a foreclosure who “could be considered occupants at ‘sufferance’ if not outright squatters.” -  Judge Hohauser 

Allegedly Hanspal filed a bunch of lawsuits and 7 different bankruptcy claims. This has enabled him to benefit from 'automatic stay' where he can avoid paying any debt owed. Although temporary, that extends beyond the mortgage to credit cards or any debt he owes.

Hanspal wasn't the only resident involved in this situation. Several people live at the Kenmore Street home in East Meadow, New York. One of those residents, 32-year-old Bhagwant Srichawla had lived at the address for free until he died in a Long Island Expressway car accident back in July.

Now it's up to the company that owns the home to enforce the court order and end this decades long battle.

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