New York State Parks continue to be a popular choice for family getaways during the coronavirus pandemic.

Governor Kathy Hochul has announced the parks, historic sites, campgrounds and trails have welcomed record-setting numbers of visitors in 2021.

New York Side of Niagara Falls
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78.4 million visits were recorded last year, which was an increase of more than 427,000 stops.  A resumption of international tourism following the ban in the earlier days of the pandemic helped drive the numbers.  The Governor’s office says there was a dramatic rebound of more than three-million visitors to Niagara Falls compared to 2020.

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The popularity of state park and historic facilities is not only the result of families looking for safe places to vacation during a global pandemic.  The attendance at New York parks has been rising about 41 percent since 2008.

The State has been engaged in a renovation and improvement program that was stepped up during the start of the pandemic.

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