When you're a police officer you never know what you'll be called on to do. From arresting criminals and handing out tickets to saving humans and even animals. It's all in a day's work. Police in New York helped rescued a kitten trapped in the engine compartment of a vehicle.

Officer Genito and Officer Simpson from the Town of Ramapo Police Department, along with Dog Control Officer McGrath were called to a home after the kitten became trapped in the engine. Using some teamwork from above and under the car, they were able to pull the kitty to safety. "After a lengthy struggle, the officers were able to safely remove the kitten from under the car," the department shared on Facebook, along with a video of the rescue.

You can watch the rescue on the Town of Ramapo Police Department's Facebook page.

Kudos to everyone who worked together to get the scared kitten out of the car. The poor things took off as soon as it was free.

Police are called on to rescue all kinds of animals, not just kittens. From snakes and birds to horses and cows. Take a look at all the saves police have made over the years in New York State.

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It's not just the police who save animals either. Officers with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation are often called to the rescue too.

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