New York Attorney General Letitia James is accusing one of the country’s largest egg producers of illegally inflating prices when the pandemic hit New York, charging up to four times more per carton.

Photo: New York State Attorney General's Office
Photo: New York State Attorney General's Office

James claims that in March and April, Hillandale Farms price gouged more than four million cartons of eggs sold to grocery store chains, U.S. military facilities and wholesale food distributors.

In a news release from the A.G.’s office, James says Hillandale in January charged some supermarkets prices that ranged from $.59 up to $1.20 for a dozen large white eggs but raised the price to $1.49 on March 15.  James “as the pandemic progressed, Hillandale raised the prices it charged repeatedly, eventually reaching $2.93 per dozen — a price almost five times the price Hillandale charged in January."

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The West Point Commissary’s price it was charged by Hillandale went from $.84 in January to $3.15 a carton.

Similar price increases were also allegedly seen at other stores supplied by Hillandale, including Stop and Shop.

The lawsuit seeks restitution for consumers.

Hillandale says it's prepared to defend against the allegations in court. The company said the pandemic caused a massive disruption in every sector of the economy, including the egg industry.

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