If you have either been to or passed by the Oneonta High School and Middle School within the last few months, you have probably noticed that a new entry sign to the schools was being constructed. Was there even a sign before? Apparently, but it wasn't one I ever even noticed and I live nearby. I have probably gone to the school countless times over the years because of having kids that attended school there. There was a sign? I guess so. It clearly wasn't a memorable one since I can't even conjure it up in my imagination. Or I just never saw it? It doesn't matter but I have thought to myself over the years on several occasions, "Considering how many events take place at these schools, why isn't there a proper sign that is easily noticed?"

It would seem that David Rinieri, a long-time Oneonta resident who lives nearby, had the same thought I did about the lack of a good sign but he did something about it and made a proposal to Superintendant Tom Brindley to have a new sign put up.

Fundraising was a key element to the success of this sign project so Rinieri approached the OHS senior class officers to find out if they wanted to help get the new sign as a class project and they jumped right on board with the idea. And thanks to support from the district's Board of Education and sign approval from the City of Oneonta Zoning Board, the sign project was realized this spring with construction recently completed.

Below is an awesome time-lapse video that the school district's Alan Hecox put together to show off the construction of the new sign which looks fantastic! The video also details how it all happened from start to finish. Check it out, it's really cool.

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Congratulations to the Oneonta Class of 2022, David Rinieri, and everyone involved in this project for creating a new sign that properly welcomes visitors and marks the Oneonta High School and Middle School.

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