On September 26, 2019 Governor Cuomo signed into law Chapter 316.  The change of enrollment process has been amended by Chapter 316 of the Laws of 2019. Generally, a change of enrollment now takes effect immediately, which means for a valid application the day it is filed.

Any change of enrollment pending under prior law should no longer be held in abeyance until the Tuesday after the general election. The change of enrollment for this group should be effective September 26, 2019. The exception is a change of enrollment filed between February 14th and seven days after the June primary. The changes of enrollment filed in this period will take effect on the 7th day after the June primary.

The Chapter also eliminated the “sealed enrollment box”, also known as the “locked box.” That means that any pending enrollment changes during the February to June period is now publicly available information.

In addition, the Chapter also changed the annual enrollment date used for calculating signature amounts on designating petition from February 1st to February 21st.

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