The National Solar Observatory's Sunspot facility closed without explanation on September 6, and the Internet is alive with wild theories about the reason why.

On September 6, the New Mexico observatory was closed and its employees relocated without prior notice. Officials have cited the reason as being a "security issue," but when the FBI was contacted to provide an explanation, there was no additional comment.

The observatory is considered to be an ideal facility for solar research due to the fact that it is in possession of the Dunn Solar Telescope. This telescope is used for solar high-resolution imaging and spectroscopy, and has been in operation since 1969.

According to the National Solar Observatory, all other facilities continue to be fully operational. The closure seems to be temporary, but local police haven't been given any notice about the nature of the suspension in activity there. Of course, Internet forums have come alive with wild conspiracy theories ranging from international spies to extraterrestrial activity. However, it's more likely a result of a lack of funding, or simply a decision to phase out the facility altogether.

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