Yep, only a few short years from the peeling license plates debacle with New York license plates there's another one on the horizon. At least this one was caught relatively early. Plus, due to the shutdown of the Department of Motor Vehicles very few, if any,  of these defective license plates were actually were given out to the public.

According to Spectrum News, if you got new license plates in Rensselaer, Saratoga, and Dutchess counties and they are the new blue and white design you could have received the defective plate. However, the chance of that is really small since they were supposed to be handed out starting on April 1st, but the coronavirus shut down government offices and stopped the distribution of the defective plates.

So, what's wrong with the new license plates? The manufacture made the early run of the plates too reflective. Reflective seems like a good thing, right? Not in this case. The reflective material made it hard for EZ-Pass cameras to read the license plates. Since New York is going to an automated toll system, it's really important to be able to read those plates.

County clerks have already rounded up all the defective plates, according to the article at, and sent them back to the manufacture. Until the new, not so reflective, plates are delivered to counties all over the state you won't be seeing any of the new designs on the roadway. In the meantime, when the Department of Motor Vehicles opens they will be passing out the old blue and yellow license plates.

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