So much excitement in Oneonta was created around the opening of an Albany franchise called Bombers Burrito Bar which opened its doors in July of 2019. It seemed to do well but then not even six months after opening, it closed its doors for good at 221 Main Street. It's been closed ever since as if frozen in time because if you look in the front windows, nothing seems to have changed inside the former restaurant.

Bombers Burrito Bar's owner was John Hewitt, who bought the building at 221 Main Street in 2016. The Tex-Mex eatery had been originally slated to open in January 2017, but due to several delays, it didn't open until July of 2019. Considering how long the restaurant took to open and then closed less than six months later, it makes it a point of contention for many Oneonta residents who wonder why it failed and very quickly at that.

It would seem that the long wait for something new is almost over. A poster on the front window advertising a new establishment called "Nags Bar & Kitchen" will be coming to that space and they need employees now (see below). Anyone interested in being a chef, bartender, or server can call 716-529-7153.

TSM Oneonta
TSM Oneonta

This restaurant bar looks promising and I sure hope, like many other Oneontans, that it can stand the test of time. Keep in mind that to start, it will begin as a take-out eatery only. Perhaps that has to do with getting enough staff on board?

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In the meanwhile, you can find out more about Nags at

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