It's time to take up issue in regards to shopping carts.  We've all seen this same scenario a million times: carts not put away after being used.  How many times do cars get dinged in parking lots due to wandering carts?  ALL THE TIME!  In fact, whenever you go to a store that uses shopping carts, if there isn't a shopping cart hanging out where it shouldn't, that seems unusual.  Some stores are great about having employees collect those carts but other stores are not.  In Oneonta, I find Walmart to be the worst offender for this.

I'm not a parking lot designer with knowledge of how many feet there are between each of these cart caddies but they are frequent enough for shoppers so that we shouldn't have carts left between cars like the one I came across in  the photo above.  In this particular case, the place to park the cart was literally on the other side of the cars to the left of the photo!  Are you kidding? How lazy do you have to be to do that?

Here's what I propose: we all need more exercise anyway in our lives so please return your shopping cart to the nearest appropriate cart parking place and smile with the knowledge that you are preventing your cart from ending up in side of someone's vehicle.  Thank you in advance from this shopper!

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