This is an incredible story that took place over the weekend on a mountain trail in the Adirondacks.  Thank goodness everyone is okay, and while the details are still somewhat sketchy, this might make one heckuva movie someday.

Two skiers were swept up in an avalanche over the weekend that quite frankly, could have killed them both. But somehow, someway, both are alive after one of the skiers was able to locate his friend who was completely buried by the deluge.

Even more incredible, it is being reported that is the first time in the history of an East coast avalanche that it didn't take the life of the person it swept away.  Amazing.

Some details about the incident that took place on Saturday at Wright Peak in North Elba, NY. comes from an Instagram post by ADK Avalanche Observations, and it explains that both skiers were swept up in the avalanche and carried as far as 150 feet.

Photo: Google Maps
Photo: Google Maps

How did they survive?

According to the post, skier one was able to free himself from the blanket of the avalanche enough to look for skier number two, who may or may not have been close by, and completely buried in snow.

Incredibly, skier one was able to locate skier two who was barely alive at the time.  While skier one was digging out skier two, skier two regained enough consciousness for both individuals to make it out of being trapped, and back to safety.

Miracle on the Mountain.

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