Mother's Day is coming up on May 12th.  Have you gotten your mom a gift yet?  The subject of Mother's Day gifts is one I weigh in on with expertise since I am a mother: So let's talk about what's good to get her and what you should avoid at all costs.  I'll start out with what I think you want to stay far away from getting mom, that is, if you actually love her.

Horrible Mother’s Day gifts:

  • Anything remotely related to household cleaning
  • Something you’ve always wanted and are hoping to borrow after you give it to her
  • Grooming products. Not a subtle hint that she needs help in that department.
  • Any clothing item your Grandma would wear. Better yet, stay away from gifting clothing.
  • Any gift that sends the message “You need to lose weight”, like exercise DVD’s, yoga mat, etc.

What Mom’s DO like:

  • Wine (to help her be oblivious to the fact that her kids are fighting again)
  • Trip to a spa
  • Any trip away from her family
  • Gift certificate to her favorite garden center or other hobby related gifts
  • A nice meal out or cook her a nice dinner

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