Noah Baumbach’s romantic drama Marriage Story hits select theaters this week. Unlike most love stories on the big screen, this semi-autobiographical film begins with the ending of one. Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson play opposite each other as Charlie and Nicole, a New York City married couple with a young son. The movie examines the unraveling of their relationship as they navigate the choppy waters of divorce.

It’s not very often we get to see a film delve into the ugly side of a relationship. Romantic comedies are way too popular, with their perfectly delivered monologues and tidy happy endings. They’re a chance to escape from the sometimes difficult reality of love. But sometimes, we just want to wallow in our very real feelings. Here are 10 movies that dare to show romantic relationships for what they are: messy, complicated, and at times, beautiful. No sugar-coating necessary.

The Top 10 Most Realistic Romance Movies

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