If there's one message that the COVID pandemic has taught us it's that change is inevitable and we'd better get used to it. Long established businesses closed their doors, people changed careers, and personal priorities shifted for many. During times of great change like the one we're in, we can expect to see a lot of changes in the business landscape.

One big change is that Morey's Family Restaurant, located on Route 7 in the east end of Oneonta, NY, has been sold to the owner of the Plaza Diner in the Clinton Plaza, Panos Karabinis. Gail Morey of Morey's shared with me that Karabinis will take over Morey's at a date yet to be announced.

Morey's was established back in 1976, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The most distinguishing feature of this restaurant is that the decor features dollhouse displays which are fantastic. You can even purchase dollhouse items there. My family enjoyed eating there many times over the years and it was one of my kids' favorite restaurants because they loved both the food and the miniatures.

The decor of Morey's will change quite a bit since Morey is taking all of her dollhouse miniatures with her. There's no doubt that many area residents will be saddened to hear that but there is a silver lining for anyone who misses what the Neptune Diner in Oneonta used to offer, a restaurant Karabinis owned before it closed. Morey says that Karabinis plans on bringing in the Plaza Diner with the same menu (as the Neptune used to be).

via Morey's Family Restaurant, Facebook
via Morey's Family Restaurant, Facebook

It's not yet known if Karabinis will continue the Plaza Diner in the Clinton Plaza and open Morey's as an additional restaurant, or if the diner will simply move its location to Morey's on Route 7.

One thing is for sure, Morey's Family Restaurant will be missed by many and the Morey family certainly has worked hard to maintain a staple family restaurant in Oneonta over the years. I think it will continue to be a family restaurant, locally-owned that many will still enjoy. This is a retirement well deserved for the owners of Morey's!

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