Isabella is about to turn 9-years-old and her mom is hoping this year's birthday will be better than the last two when no one showed up for her party.

Birthdays are meant for celebrations. But for Isabella Wilcox, of Harpursville, New York, it's been nothing but disappointment. For the past two years, Stephanie Wilcox has sent out birthday invitations to all the kids in her daughter's class. But no one shows. "There just aren't words for the hurt on her face asking why kids can't just come," said Stephanie. "It broke my heart in a million pieces."

Isabella has Asperger Syndrome, a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction as well as sensory processing disorder and slow vision processing. "People with Asperger's have a different view of the world and a different way of thinking, which makes it harder to explain things in a way they would understand," said Stephanie.

Isabella doesn't understand why no one comes to her party. Or why no one picks her to be a part of their team at school. "I know kids can be mean sometimes, so I told her she was going to have a great party no matter what."

This year Stephanie is asking strangers to help celebrate Isabella's birthday. "I can't bear to hear the same questions about why no kids came to her party. How do I explain to our daughter that life isn't fair, yet make her feel loved and cared about on her birthday?"

To make Isabella feel extra special, Stephanie is asking for people to send birthday cards. "It doesn't even have to be store-bought," she said. "Have your kids color a picture. Anything would be special to her. She is always so excited when she gets mail."

If you want to help Isabella have the best birthday ever, you can mail her a card for her 9th birthday on November 15.

Isabella Wilcox
PO Box 125
Harpursville, NY

An Amazon Wish List, per Isabella's suggestions, has also been provided in case anyone wants to give a few gifts too.

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