Despite sporadic updates, Matt Sisson is still missing as his family is frantically working with local agencies to find him.

Sisson has been missing since Friday, January 26th at 7am at Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown, and has not been seen since that time. He does not have his phone. He was last wearing red pajama pants and a dark blue EMS jacket. Sisson is 6'2, 190lbs, and bald with brown eyes. He's possibly confused and very sick.

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A search party was organized yesterday to canvass the area of Fly Creek, New York. The search was called off at dusk when no trace of Matt or his belongings were found, and the search is now shifting back to Cooperstown and the area of Bassett Hospital. A tip of a sighting surrounding the McDonald's on Route 28 in Cooperstown turned out to be a false positive.

Sisson's niece Kate Stankiewicz is de facto leading the search efforts, and posted this to Facebook: "Forest rangers and state police sweeping basset hospital area and Cooperstown today. Drones are combing the area. The McDonald’s lead was a false positive. The PD is working hard to check cameras in the area."

A public Facebook group has been established to assist in the search for Sisson, and to update the public with any breaking news. A link to the group is here.

A member of the group asked if Sisson is suffering from any mental health issues. Stankiewicz replied: "He is off his depression and anxiety pills, that’s why he left. The hospital wouldn’t go the extra mile to find out what he was prescribed and provide it. So he ran away Thursday going back to fox hospital where his car is to go home for his meds, I’m sure of this. He was convinced to go back to the hospital instead of going home. It escalated the next day and he ran again. This time nobody has seen him."

Another tip came in from an Oneonta resident claiming she had seen him at the River Street Stewart's Shop in Oneonta. That tip has yet to be verified, according to Stankiewicz, authorities will be reviewing footage today. **On January 28th, a family member reported that this was also a false sighting.

If you see Matt Sisson, please call 911 right away, or Pete at 607-287-1047, or Lindsey at 585-245-4150.



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