Metal Detecting is almost as exciting as pulling the level on a slot machine. You could end up with a really cool prize, but after the initial purchase of the detector, metal detecting is free. 

The EARTH Metal Detecting Club of Central New York held their annual Club Hunt & Picnic on Saturday, September 10 at Delta Lake State Park in Western.

Thirty-three members, along with dozens of family members, participated in 4 seeded hunts on the beach where silver coins, along with special tokens and cash were hidden in the sand throughout the beach.  Metal dectectorists searched the beach for the items, some of which could be redeemed for prizes.

Metal Detecting, while considered a hobby by some, is actually a sport for others around the country.  The "seeded hunt is a metal detecting event where coins, tokens, and other various targets are purposely planted or hidden just below the surface by a hunt master and those items are then meant to be found by other metal detectorists," according to

"One of the more popular hunts, called the “key hunt,” had the dectectorists searching for dozens of keys that were buried in the sand, but only 3 of them unlocked 3 treasure chests filled with loot. Another favorite hunt, called the “speed hunt,” was a timed event where the speediest hunter who dug up the most orange-colored pennies in 45 minutes was declared the winner. In addition to the competitions, 2 Garrett metal detectors and over 50 raffle prizes were given away."

Locally, The EARTH Club was founded in 1990 and currently boasts about 40 members. The Earth Club is actually one of the few metal detecting clubs in New York State.

Do you have an interest?

Members meet the last Monday of every month (except for December and January) at 6:30 at the Dunham Public Library on Main Street in Whitesboro. Interested guests are invited to attend.

For more information about metal detecting or how to join the club, visit their website at

Check out these photos from the recent event.

The EARTH Metal Detecting Club of Central New York

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