Creed have taken their fair share of pot shots throughout the years from music fans and critics alike, and their current anniversary tour has opened up the floodgates once again for contemptuous remarks and snarky videos.

The latest one to circulate is a little YouTube gem called ‘Inside Look: The Last Creed Fan.’ In the mockumentary, we are given an insider’s view of a day in the life of the extremely endangered, and last living Creed fan, on the verge of extinction…or is he?

Chad F—, rumored to be the last of his kind, represents his dying breed as the ‘The Last Creed Fan,’ because as noted by the expert, even “Scott Stapp is not a Creed fan, never was.”

Leading a lonely existence, F— is kept under wraps in his natural habitat, surrounded by Creed swag and autographed discs. He spends his days alone, in his own prison, until he meets his perfect soulmate in the form of a female Nickelback fan, turning this sad story of survival into a true love story.

To find out where the story ends, watch the video below, we may just have a new species among us.

As for Creed, they are nowhere near extinction. Currently out on tour, they are also working on a new disc —  so that’s good news for the Chad F—! Check out our photo gallery of a recent Creed concert here.

Watch ‘Inside Look: The Last Creed Fan’

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