I don't visit the Golden Arches much anymore. I'm most definitely all about supporting local, mom and pop and immigrant owned ethnic eateries. But there's just something about a certain menu item that has come and gone over the years. I celebrated its arrival, and mourned its departure time after time. In 2022, they told us to say our goodbyes as a final tour was paraded around. We mourned, we remembered, we moved on.

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But now:


We're having some serious trust issues over this.

I Feel Like I Got McRobbed

It's not like the McRib sandwich is a feat of culinary greatness. It's not. For all intents and purposes, it's a processed and condensed pork sandwich made to look like a rack of ribs slathered in sugary sweet barbecue sauce. It's the sandwich equivalent of particle board when it comes down to it. When slapped on a bun with some onions and dill pickles, it just all seems to make sense. Maybe it's a throwback to a time when the same patty was served in elementary school cafeterias. It was initially offered in 1981, removed in 1985, re-introduced in 1989, discontinued in 2006, and brought back sporadically since 2012.

McDonald's Brings Back The McRib Sandwich
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A House Divided

The McRib has always been divisive. Some malign the sandwich while others revere. The rivalry is on par with the one between fans of Tennessee and Alabama college football teams. Some say "hard pass" while others will wait in line for it. There must be some kind of magic potion in the McRib that makes me run to my closest restaurant. For all my insufferable, snobbish culinary leanings, the McRib shouldn't fit into my repertoire, but here I am writing an article on the thing while espousing its virtues. Godspeed to us all.

The McRib sandwich will be back at participating McDonald's locations in November.

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