City of Oneonta Mayor Gary Herzig has joined 106 other mayors across the country in


signing a letter to members of Congress asking them to build upon and not tear down the Affordable Care Act. The letter focuses on the numerous protections provided by the ACA for persons with mental illnesses and addictions which include: preventative services and inability of insurance companies to deny coverage due to pre-existing conditions. The mayors signing the letter are members of the Cities Thrive Coalition that is working to address the lack of adequate services for persons with mental health illnesses and addictions. Mayor Herzig states, "While the letter primarily addresses the impact on persons with mental health and addiction services, repealing the Affordable Care Act will deny all coverage to many of our residents as a result of a pre-existing condition. Repealing the ACA before a viable replacement is defined is beyond irresponsible."

CLICK HERE to access the letter Mayor Herzig signed.

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