'The Avengers' wound up with a lineup of characters previously seen in the previous Marvel movies like Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Nick Fury and Hawkeye. But if writer/director Joss Whedon had gotten his away, another well-known superhero would've debuted in 'The Avengers' as a part of the team. Who was it and will it be someone we see in 'The Avengers 2?'

Yesterday, Joss Whedon participated in a Q&A session after a screening of 'The Avengers' in Los Angeles and spoke about his early work on the film's script. While it's been rumored that Scarlett Johansson could be getting $20 million to star in 'The Avengers 2,' Whedon revealed it wasn't always a definite that she would appear in the first 'Avengers.' With Johansson potentially unable to star in the film, Whedon felt the need to introduce a new female member of 'The Avengers.' Enter: The Wasp.

There was a very Waspy draft that I wrote. But it was way too Waspy. I was like, 'She's adorable! I'm just going to watch her!' They believed very strongly that they didn't want to add any more mythology, I think was the thing.

In addition to The Wasp, Whedon said early drafts also had a second villain alongside Loki but stopped short of revealing who it was because that person "might crop up another time."

As for The Wasp, will we see in her 'The Avengers 2?' It seems likely but Whedon wouldn't say officially. He did hint that one of the things he liked about the old 'Avengers' comics was that the lineup would frequently change. So if The Wasp joins 'The Avengers 2' who should star?

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