My Italian restaurant is better than yours!  Those are fighting words!

Everybody has a favorite place for pizza or pasta.  Whether it is a small hole-in-the-wall pizza joint down on the corner, or a fancy ristorante dripping with crystal glassware and chandeliers, we each have our favorites.  I have been eating Italian food for over 60 years, and I have dined at all of these places during my travels as a writer of Upstate New York books.  Are they the best?  Maybe not.  How can you say?  There are literally hundreds of Italian restaurants in Upstate New York, and thousands if you include New York City.

So here is a starter list of my own personal favorites.  They may not be yours, but trust me, they are all good.  Again, this is not a "best of list."  Lets just call it a sample of some fantastico Italian food in our great Upstate New York region.  Let me know what you favorite Italian restaurant is!

12 of Upstate New York's Great Italian Restaurants


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