A good Samaritan stopped to buy food for a stranger standing on a Utica street corner in a beautiful random act of kindness.

Anthony Carollo of Rome, New York was driving home from a trip to the Utica Zoo with his family. He noticed a guy standing on a street corner holding up a sign that read: Really hungry. Anything will help.

Anthony pulled into the McDonald's drive-thru and ordered two double cheeseburgers, two chicken sandwiches, and two bottles of water. "My wife asked why I was buying so much food since we just ate," said Carollo.

Marissa Carollo didn't notice the man on the corner. Or his friend across the street. "I was on my phone so I didn't see him." But Anthony did. "He just notices things like that," said Marissa.

Anthony pulled over in the middle of the busy intersection on the Parkway in Utica. He approached the stranger and gave him two separate bags full of food. "I told him he had to share with his friend across the street and he was very appreciated."

Marissa did capture the kind gesture on video, something she says Anthony is known for. "I joke sometimes that he's too nice. He's always the first one willing to pitch in and help."

Credit - Marissa Carollo
Credit - Marissa Carollo

To Anthony, there's no such thing as too nice. "I'm just looking to help others," he said. "It doesn't take much."

The moment helped Anthony's 3-year-old son learn a valuable life lesson too. "I told him if you can help someone you should try. It's amazing how something so small can make a big difference in someone else's life."

Anthony learned that lesson the hard way. He says he wasn't always the first to step up and help. "I was wild as a teenager. Over time I realized you need to treat others how you want to be treated and I hope my son learns that sooner than I did."

The biggest lesson of all....It's never too late to be kind.

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