One of Central New York's biggest Christmas traditions is back for 2020, bringing the Christmas magic at a time we need it most.

The Schuyler Holiday House already had their spooktacular Halloween house this year, decorating their home to the hilt with everything creepy and scary. Usually, Halloween decorating is followed almost immediately by preparations for their Christmas home, but this year a family illness nearly sidelined the show.

Facebook: Schuyler Holiday House

Fortunately, the family member is feeling much better - and so the Schuyler home belonging to the Truax family is ready for another Christmas.

"We have a pixel mega tree among several other trees. All set to music that you can tune in to on your car radio," says Sarah Truax.

Facebook: Schuyler Holiday House

This year the show will run every day 4:30pm - 10:00pm.

There are a few housekeeping rules you need to be aware of if you plan to attend: 
Please do not block or turn around in our neighbors driveways. If they are trying to exit or enter their homes please allow them to do so. The subdivision has a cul-de-sac to turn around in. Most of the houses in the subdivision are also decorated for your enjoyment.

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Please keep in mind we often have transportation buses bring residents to watch the display too. When pulling over to watch the show, please be sure to leave room for bigger vehicles to pass between the rows of vehicles.
Please be careful and watch for pedestrians and other vehicles when driving through subdivision.

You can tune your radio to 104.9 FM to enjoy the music that goes with the light display.

Facebook: Schuyler Holiday House


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