If you're an avid Harry Potter lover like myself, this is an amazing discovery. If you're someone who rolls their eyes over people's obsession with Harry Potter, then I apologize in advance.

As I was scrolling through my feed, I saw a Tik Tok video that looked like it came right off the official movie set. Someone had opened a custom magic wand shop and was giving the entire wand choosing/making experience as if you were in the Harry Potter movies yourself.

This was wild to me, I had never seen anything like it unless I was at Universal Studios in Florida. Then I found out even more mind-boggling information. It's right here in our very state.

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The store is called OrchardWorks and it's located at 13 Furnace Ave in Stafford, Connecticut. As the video shows, it offers the ultimate wand experience. Just from the outside alone, you feel like you're walking into Harry's original wand shop from the movies - "Ollivanders". All of the Harry Potter-inspired wands are hand-made right in the shop, and you get to choose which one you would like or create a custom one. Who knows, maybe you'll be "the chosen one".

Ed Bareiss

We got in touch with Janet Bareiss, co-owner of OrchardWorks with her husband Ed, and she told us the inspiration in starting this business.

10 years ago, Ed's daughter wanted magic wands to do a craft project for her 9th birthday party. He created them for her in their workshop, and the parents were so excited about the 'real' magic wands and encouraged him to sell them. We built a moderately successful online business (an Esty shop) and it was taking over our home. We decided to move the business out of our home and started looking for a building. After the pandemic, we finally purchased the property in August, set up the storefront, and opened in October.

Ed Bareiss

Now I'm not sure what you're waiting for, but I'm already planning my visit. According to their website, they are open Tuesday through Sunday 10-5, or by appointment. I can't wait to experience this and feel like I'm living in a magic world right in my own state. If you go, let me know. I need to hear about your experience.

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