Lou Ferrigno, bodybuilding legend and star of the '70s TV show The Incredible Hulk, is set to begin filming a new monster movie in Syracuse, it was recently reported.

The new horror-comedy movie, titled The Hermit, is slated to begin filming in August. Ferrigno will reportedly portray a cannibalistic pig farmer in his first "creature role" since playing Marvel's Hulk in the 1978 show.

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Speaking to the Hollywood trade magazine Variety, Ferrigno said:

"Most people are surprised that I've never really entered the horror space before now. When I was a kid I was fascinated with the monsters of the time like Dracula and Frankenstein... the character I am playing is unique and will give an updated twist to those monsters I grew up with."

The Hermit will be directed by Salvatore Sclafani, who will also co-produce.

Ferrigno became a star in the late '70s during a bodybuilding craze that also made a star out of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Both men competed fiercely for the title of Mr. Olympia, bodybuilding's highest honor. He used his fame to cross into acting, and has over 100 film & television credits to his name.

Central New York has become a popular area for film projects in recent years. Aside from the rustic scenery and beautiful old architecture found throughout the area, any projects utilizing the Greater Syracuse Soundstage are eligible for certain tax breaks through New York State.

Some of the more prominent movies to film in the area are the Adrien Brody movie Clean, which premiered in early 2022, and A Quiet Place, which shot scenes in Little Falls.

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