You know how when you buy a car, you start noticing that there are a lot of that same model on the roads? It all has to do with your attention and where it's at.  I've decided that this week it would be fun to draw my attention to looking for an unexpected delight of some kind each day.  I found one just this morning, on my way in to work as I captured a photo of a deer (above) on the front lawn of the Huntington Memorial Library in Oneonta.  It was so unexpected to see the deer there and I thoroughly enjoyed letting my imagination run wild with visions of deer checking out books in the library.

Where am I going with all this?  Well, I have a goal to notice an enjoyable, unexpected event or sight each day.  It doesn't have to include me, I just have to witness it. Just noticing these positive occurances always make me smile, no matter what.

I'm finding out that it's pretty easy to come across unexpected wonders if you're paying attention.  In fact, I think things like that are happening all the time around us, but we're so busy noticing life's annoyances and what we don't like, that we're not paying attention to the good things.  I challenge you to pay attention and look for the good stuff.  It's all around.

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