My day took a very interesting turn the other day.  We have a screen door off our kitchen that allows our dog and cat to go outside whenever they want, while my family is at home.  Unfortunately, we discovered that  it sometimes lets other things in.

So imagine that I'm outside gardening and all of a sudden I hear quite a commotion of screaming coming from my house.  Like most parents, when you hear screaming, you imagine the worst: a serious injury or siblings locked in a death battle.

As I ran in the house looking for spurting blood, I came upon quite a different than expected scene: my kids were running around, freaking out for some bizarre reason while my husband was chasing a cute and harmless little chipmunk around the living room.  Of course with all the crazy human activity going on, the chipmunk was in full freak out mode as well and not even remotely heading in the direction of the door where we wanted.

So I had to put my very calm, "mom" voice on and shush the kids so directions could be heard.  Once the calamity stopped, so did "Chippy" the chipmunk and we all managed to work together to herd it out the back door. Success!

I felt bad for that cute little chipmunk who was probably way more traumatized by accidentally entering our house than any of my family members.  And by the way, the old adage, "It's way more afraid of you than you are of it"...doesn't seem to work to calm people down.

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