The Kopernik Observatory and Science Center is offering several opportunities to explore the skies and learn about our universe with their Friday Night Livestreams.

The COVID Pandemic is still going on, and we are looking for ways to expand our activities and stimulate our minds.

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Did you ever wonder about the mysteries that look down upon us? The Kopernik Observatory and Science Center invites you to a series of virtual presentations on their YouTube channel throughout January and February.

The video presentations as Kopernik Astronomers Jeremy Cartie, Phil Cooper, Tish Bresee, and Robert Byrnes introduce you to Earth asteroids and comets, through a series of radar systems, and high powered telescopes.

Classes include how to take astronomical images using your smart phone, learn about America’s forgotten space program, and the latest mission to Mars in which you can watch the landing of the Perseverance Rover as NASA sees it.

Enjoy these exciting and educating video presentations with you and your family

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