In this curious case of ‘Pimp My Ride’ meets ‘Punked’ don’t be surprised if you see this musically inspired set of wheels tooling through your neighborhood sometime soon blasting the Kiss classic ‘Rock and Roll All Nite.’

With the theme ‘Rock N’ Roll Will Never Die’ firmly planted on the front hood of this busted up old Chevy, and yes, we mean that quite literally, this ride is a roving piece of musical memorabilia joining the classic rock of yesterday with a whole new generation.

With hand-painted portraits of the four members of Kiss in their iconic makeup joining forces with the Canadian rock outfit Nickelback, shrouded by blue flames, the car seems to be sending a message – we’re just not quite sure exactly what that message is?

Clearly a conversation piece, this little red car does beg the question, what exactly is the connection between Kiss and Nickelback? One thing that Kiss and Nickelback do have in common is big commercial success throughout their careers. While they may both take their share of backlash from the critics and verbal beatings from music enthusiasts, their record sales throughout the years and sold out tours tell a different story.

So what’s next, Queen riding shotgun with Limp Bizkit?

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