Kathie Lee Gifford has been making us smack our palm to our face for many, many years. But never has the ‘Today‘ host unleashed a gaffe as cringe-worthy as she did on Wednesday.

It was during an interview with Martin Short during the show’s fourth hour.  ”You and Nancy have one of the greatest marriages of anybody in show business. How many years now for you guys?,” Gifford asked Short.

Sadly — and obviously unbeknownst to Gifford — Short’s wife, Nancy Dolman, had died two years ago of ovarian cancer. Watch the graceful way Short handles the ghoulish inquiry.

You have to give it to Short — instead of blowing Gifford up on live TV he just goes with the flow. Of course Gifford was told of her grievous error once they went to break and she issued an apology.

She also took to Twitter, after the show, to reiterate how sorry she was.

The only problem is that @MartinShort isn’t Martin Short’s Twitter handle. Instead it’s a fake site with only one tweet from 2009.

Oh Kathie Lee, maybe you should just stop now.

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