Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that being nice and being honest are two very different things.

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Sometimes people try to be nice by telling white lies to not hurt another person’s feelings. Other times, people care more about being upfront and honest and scoot niceties to the side.

Gerald Jellison has been a professor of social psychology at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles for over 30 years and in his years studying people, he’s discovered that the average person is lied to up to 200 times every day.

Up to 200 times! It makes a person think back on their day and wonder who has lied to them and when and why, doesn’t it?

However, is there a chance that the number of times a day a person is lied to could fluctuate based on where they live in the county? Those who study such things say it absolutely does and to prove their point, they created something called the “US Dishonesty Index.”

According to the US Dishonesty Index, the state where you’ll probably be lied to the most is Wyoming, and believe it or not, the most honest state according to the experts is California.

Where does that leave New York?

Well, based on the average monthly Google searches for "Tips on Lying," average monthly Google searches for "How to Bluff," average monthly Google searches for "Ashley Madison," divorce rates, and overall integrity scores, New York ranks as the 5th most honest state in America.

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