Major League Baseball has made a point of speeding up games this year. Perhaps it can do the same in Japan. First order of business: control this player.

This is a high school player in the country who has a wild routine before stepping into the batter's box (and even after he steps in, for that matter).

Kids often mimic their favorite players' batting stances, which makes us wonder about a few things here: who can this kid possibly be mimicking and, after seeing this, who wouldn't want to mimic him? Seriously, if you're headed out into the backyard for a good ol' game of wiffle ball, you know you're going to try and do as much of this samurai-inspired routine as possible.

Considering this guy's shenanigans after every singe pitch, he's lucky the pitcher didn't plunk him. Unless he's got ants in his pants or has to go to the bathroom really badly, it's hard to imagine why he feels compelled to move around with the fervor of a pinball.

Check out a longer clip of him below and see just how much of a performance he put on:

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