James Hetfield has recently come under fire for his decision to narrate the History Channel's new series 'The Hunt.' But like it or not, the show's on the air -- and if you missed it on TV, you can watch the first episode from the comfort of your browser.

The debut installment of 'The Hunt,' titled 'Predator or Prey?,' takes a look at the start of the annual fall bear hunt on Alaska's Kodiak Island. "Alaskan resident Hillarie Putnam joins in for the first time with a single shot muzzleloader," promises the synopsis. "Meanwhile, veteran hunting guide Mike Horstman helps local cattle rancher Chris Flickenger track a bear that has killed one of his horses."

The hourlong show, which aired June 8, is the first in a scheduled eight-episode series detailing the biannual Kodiak bear hunt, and plays up what the network refers to as "the ultimate test against the elements and the largest land predator on Earth." Hiking miles into the wilderness in pursuit of prey that "possesses an eerie elusiveness and a sharp intelligence that is not to be underestimated," the show's hunters take part in what 'The Hunt' refers to as "a cultural fixture on Kodiak ... crucial to the delicate natural balance on the island."

Whether you're a hunting enthusiast or simply enjoy hearing James Hetfield speak, you can witness the whole journey start to unfold at the History Channel's website, right here.

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