New Yorkers can get a detailed look at the inside of a reimagined Upstate New York airport.

This week, New York Gov. Katy Hochul released new renderings that offer New Yorkers their first glimpse of the interior of a reimagined Albany International Airport.

Take A Look At Reimagined Albany International Airport

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"Our vision to modernize upstate airports is taking off! Get a first look at the reimagined Albany International Airport," Hochul said. "With our investments, we'll help give travelers a first-class experience and help the local economy reach new heights."

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The revitalization project costs about $100 million. It will support the expansion of the airport's terminal to provide enhanced passenger amenities before and after security checkpoints while also offering a better way to get through security.

Gov. Hochul
Gov. Hochul

“Airports are gateways to their local communities and important economic engines for Upstate New York – we are doing all we can to ensure they are ready for the challenges of the 21st century,” Governor Hochul said. “This new rendering shows the exciting changes that are in store for the Albany International Airport and demonstrates the great progress we are making in modernizing our transportation infrastructure.”

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Gov. Hochul
Gov. Hochul

CLICK HERE to see a full video of the renderings.

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