Things weren't all-smiles for one prominent New York Knicks' fan after the team's victory on Sunday at Madison Square Garden. New footage has emerged showing comedian Pete Davidson involved in an altercation with another fan, who chose to get a bit too up-close-and-personal with the celebrity after the game.

We have the latest updates from this unfortunate situation.

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New Video Shows Pete Davidson Involved in Altercation with NY Knicks' Fan

A story from Yahoo! Sports and other outlets shared details of an altercation between comedian Pete Davidson, and another New York Knicks' fan, at Madison Square Garden on Sunday following the team's 102-93 victory over Cleveland.

Take a look at the video, captured by another fan and posted to Twitter:

As the video shows, the fan drapes his arm around Davidson, who shoves him away and addresses the behavior with the fan directly. He then returns to his other fans to continue taking pictures, brushing off the incident almost immediately.

So, why did this set Davidson off? Take a look at this video, which shows more of the behavior before the altercation started:

I find it hard to fault Pete Davidson here.

Could you argue that the shove was aggressive? Maybe, but the second video clearly shows that Davidson attempted to be patient with the fan, and allowed multiple shoulder-grabs before addressing him.

Cleveland Cavaliers v New York Knicks - Game Four
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It's especially unfortunate, given that the Knicks had won the game, and took a commanding lead in their series against the Cleveland Cavaliers. They look to close out the series in five games tonight at 7PM in Cleveland.

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