As the song once said, "don't go chasing waterfalls."  Well, you do not have to chase them in Upstate New York.  They are everywhere!

Of course, being the home of Niagara Falls (with Canada), everybody knows about the power and beauty of what an epic waterfall can look like.  But there are others, many others, that are worthy of discovering around our region.

This list highlights nine waterfalls to consider on your next roadtrip.  Some are big, some are historic, some are small and "off the grid," but all are beautiful and a lot of fun to experience.

One of my favorites is in a tiny hamlet in Herkimer County.  It is located deep in the woods and is surrounded by trails, a swimming hole, mysterious caves, ancient relics from 150 years ago, and more.  It is beautiful and the kids love to climb to the top of the falls and go under it!  I can only imagine what General George Washington must have thought when he happened upon this magical natural treasure (true story!).

And remember, with a waterfall pretty much in the back pocket of every town or city in Upstate New York, if your favorite didn't make it on our list, we encourage you to go to our Facebook page and give it a shout out.  And we are talking to you, fans of Shequaga Falls in Montour, Buttermilk Falls in Ithaca, Ausable Chasm Falls, and so many others.

We really want to hear from you!

Don't Overlook These Magnificent Upstate New York Waterfalls!

There are too-many-to-count waterfalls scattered over the vast Upstate New York region. Most of them are hidden in woods and forests which are only infrequently stumbled upon be hikers and explorers. But there are some that need to be noted. Niagara Falls, of course, is the most famous waterfall in the world, so no need to highlight them here. But here is a starter list of a bunch of waterfalls, big and small, that you might want to put on your summer bucket list. They are all fun!

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