In a delightful turn of events, a small cheese shop owner from Upstate New York has earned national recognition.

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In a moment of triumph for Upstate New York’s culinary scene, Sarah Simiele, owner of "Curd Nerd," has been crowned the top cheesemonger in America. Simiele managed to beat out 37 other top cheesemongers from across the United States, proving her prowess in expertise and knowledge of cheese.

To win her title of top cheesemonger in America, Simiele had to participate in the Cheesemonger Invitational which brings together cheesemongers from around the world to compete in a cheese-centric competition. The event showcases the skills, knowledge, and passion of cheese.

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During the Cheesemonger Invitational, participants are tested on various aspects of the cheese world. They demonstrate their cutting, wrapping, and cheese pairing skills, as well as their ability to answer questions about different types of cheeses and their origin.

The Curd Nerd Syracuse via Facebook
The Curd Nerd Syracuse via Facebook

The American Cheese Society is a prestigious organization that recognizes excellence in the cheese industry and the title bestowed upon Simiele solidifies her dedication and expertise in the world of cheese.

In addition to holding the title of top cheesemonger in America, Simiele also won $1,000 in meats for her store, a trip to Europe, and the opportunity to participate as a judge in future Cheesemonger Invitationals.

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Curd Nerd is located in Syracuse and Simiele's accolade brings not only well-deserved recognition to Simiele and her shop but also shines a bright light on the thriving food scene in Syracuse. With its vibrant culinary community and a growing number of discerning food lovers, the city has become a destination for those seeking unique food experiences.

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