The holiday season is here and New Yorkers are getting ready to take off into the sky. Are you one of the people that wants to know what food you can and cannot bring through the TSA checkpoints? Well, we have the answers for you.

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Daily Meal's data found noticed that people seeking information on what to bring through TSA increased by 1,179% last month and Google searches for "can you take homemade food through airport security" went up by 110% within the last week.

It's not surprising that travelers are worried because we could see a record this holiday season. There could be over 30 million people going through TSA checkpoints throughout the country by the end of the year.

The TSA has strict guidelines for the foods that can go through security, and it's important to check before you pack any food items. Food items like cranberry sauce, gravies, syrups, and alcoholic beverages over 140 proof are not allowed through TSA checkpoints.

If you are traveling with alcohol, it shouldn't be more than 3.4 ounces and stored in a single quart-sized bag removed at the security checkpoint. By the way, passengers are not allowed to drink alcohol on board if it's not served by a flight attendant.

Can I bring Christmas food on the plane?

The good news is that certain Christmas food items like bread, cookies, meat, pies and cakes, candy, and fruits and vegetables from the mainland are allowed through TSA checkpoints.

Also, creamy cheeses and dips up to 3.4 ounces, spices, casseroles, mac ‘n cheese (cooked or the ingredients to cook them later), and solid cheeses are also allowed..

Keep in mind that TSA screening will probably take longer for food, and they can be selective about what they allow through security. Also, anything used to keep food cold can be screened by the TSA. Cold packs should be frozen when they go through security, or else they may be thrown away.

Knowing the TSA guidelines ahead of time will help make it a Merry Christmas for everyone. You'll be able to take your Christmas feast without throwing away anything at TSA checkpoints.

Happy flying and Happy Holidays!

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